Hilary Phillips

I'm a Cumbrian girl living on the south coast of England in Worthing, West Sussex. I've been a Creative Textiles & Art teacher for a very long time and I love what I do. I trained at Leicester polytechnic, graduating in 1987 with a BA Hons in Structural Textiles with a Weave specialism.

In 1992 I trained to be a teacher at Leeds University and have been teaching Creative Textiles and Art in secondary schools ever since.

My love of making & stitching has been with me since I was a little girl. I can remember quite clearly desperately wanting to make something & having no needle and thread so I stuck all the fabric together with sellotape as that's all we had!

I'm inspired by texture, colour, pattern and am quite 'linear' in my own work. I try to be minimal everyday but often fail miserably as I love random things and everything I own often has a lovely background story. I'm a huge fan of Charity & vintage shops and love a good Boot sale.

I have three grown up children, a lovely home and some fabulous friends. I love Kate Bush, rock music, the 1970's, interior design & have far too many shoes, scarves & cushions. 


I hold Creative Stitch & Printed textile workshops in my garden studio. Built in 2016, it's light, airy & well equipped and a joy to be in throughout the year.

Class sizes are small with a maximum of 6-10 people. There are  large tables, lots of chairs and in warm weather you can sit outside on the sofas. Light refreshments and drinks are always included in the price of the workshops.

Information about courses, prices and dates can be found via the workshop link . 

Please message me if you would like to hire the studio for your own creative daytime or evening event.

I am happy to host birthday, hen or special occasion creative parties here at the studio. Please contact me if you are interested, with your ideas, requirements & suggestions.


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Transfer print Workshops

My workshops are usually full day events where I guide you through all the steps for making a range of printed fabrics using heat with transfer papers and paints as well as experimenting with stencils, lace and plants.
Throughout the day you will learn the basics in collage and painted methods which can then progress to more complex ideas and designs. After experimenting using different techniques you will then be guided through the process of making a lampshade or textiles piece using the techniques learnt earlier in your day.

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Slow Stitching, Free machine embroidery & appliqué Workshops

Some examples of hand & machine embroidery stitching using fabrics, paper & mixed media. The workshops are usually a full day where, using appliqué from found, vintage, recycled & created textiles I guide you through the process of mindful slow stitch and machine embroidery techniques.

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Transfer printed fabrics

Some of the beautiful effects that can be acheived using this wonderful printing technique. The process is relatively simple using disperse dyes painted onto paper and transfered onto polyester based fabrics using heat. Fabulous results can be acheived using collage, feathers, lace, stamping blocks, brushes and even plants.

Fabrics can be embellished further using heat transfer foils and screen printing using Thermofax screens.

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Textures with paint & papers

A great starting point for experimental work before comitting to fabric. Paper is layered, glued, torn away and printed on with water based & acrylic paints to achieve depth of colour & texture.

Creative mixed media classes are a fun way to create original pieces of artwork that can be stitched into or developed further at a later date.

Guest Artists @Moth Studio Textiles - Anne kelly 'Seaside Stories'

As well as running courses myself, I love to invite Textile artists to use the studio to hold workshops too.

Please contact me if you are a Textile artist who would be interested in holding a workshop here at Moth studio.

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WAOH & Brighton Artists Open Houses..

Each summer I take part in both Art festivals. The studio is open for three weekends in June for the Worthing Artists Open houses trail. This is where local artists work is exhibited for sale and workshops take place to coincide with the event here at Moth Studio.

This year it takes place over three summer weekends 15/16 June, 22/23 June and 29/30 June and offers visitors the chance to spend the afternoons strolling or cycling between venues, and enjoying the seaside town and its countryside.

During May I exhibit my work at 358 Ditchling Rd as part of the Fiveways Artists Group. This year The 2019 Artists Open Houses Festival takes place over four weekends 4th–26thMay.

Please drop by, say hello and take a look at the fabulous Textiles, Paper Craft, Prints, Glass and Paintings exhibited and sign up for one of our workshops. These are delivered by myself & my featured artists before, during & after the Open House period. I really look forward to seeing & meeting you at both events.

Hilary X


In 2006 I retrained as a jeweller and worked for Rina Tairo in her Hove workshop. This ignited a passion for creating textured & stamped sterling silver Pod rings. All the rings are made to order. Please message with your requirements.

Commissions welcome.

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers can be purchased in amounts ranging from £10-£65 to give as a gift and redeemable against any course at Moth studio.

Please contact me for further details.